Haiti – June 2015 / Day 8

Girls at Strong Tower Orphanage after 'Glitter Party'.

Girls at Strong Tower Orphanage after ‘Glitter Party’.

Norlie's glitter photo collage.

Norlie’s glitter photo collage.

Posted by Penny

Friday- our last day in Caracol. Though we have enjoyed our stay here, I for one am glad to know that this is the last day in which Repel 100 will be my moisturizer of choice. We (especially Beckie) have been anxiously awaiting our ‘Glitter Party’ with the girls at the orphanage. Earlier in the week, Beckie and Shelley took pictures of the girls and printed them. The plan was to let the girls tape the pictures to construction paper and color around the pictures.

All week Beckie had playfully asked any and everyone “Got glitter?” While searching for duct tape, Mark discovered a bin with glitter, glue, pipe cleaners and other craft items. And not just silver glitter, but red, gold, blue, green and multi colored. God answered our unspoken prayers in a big way!

Immediately after breakfast and morning devotions, the women were ready to get our glitter on! We sprawled on the floor of the orphanage with the girls. The girls caught on very quickly and were soon decorating their photo collages with glitter. Flowers, hearts, squiggles and of course their names all done up in glitter. I don’t know who had the most fun, Beckie or the girls.

After our glitter party, the girls walked around with pipe cleaner eyeglasses and bracelets. The girls mounted their pretend eyeglasses on their foreheads, above their eyes, looking like miniature versions of Pastor Payot!

Alas, it time to bid farewell for a while. We once again climb into our chariot. I have since learned this is not just a pick-up truck with wooden benches in the back. No- this is a flatbed dump truck with a removable frame and wooden benches. Once again I marvel at the ingenuity displayed by our Haitian brothers and sisters.

We head for the airport, and guess what time it is? Yes noon! Though not walking this time, we are riding in the back of this truck again in the noonday sun. We are all laughing as we make our way to the airport.

Though physically exhausted, we are spiritually refreshed, having received much more than we gave. We recognize that we are far more similar than we are dissimilar, striving to provide for our families and become better disciples of Christ. As Beckie asked of us during one of our devotions: “Do we leave others better or worse for having known us?”

Once again God’s mission for this trip was accomplished, though our mission in Haiti is far from complete. This was the tenth trip to Haiti for Beckie, the second for myself, and various numbers for the others in the group. However, we all leave knowing that if it is God’s will, we shall return again.

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