Haiti – June 2015 / Day of Rest – Day 5

Leadership Institute: pastor Ernest-Vice President, Pastor Payot-President, Guindy-Assist Secretary, Pastor Kenth-Treasurer, Diedonnae-Secretary, Mark-Advisor

Leadership Institute: Pastor Ernest-Vice President, Pastor Payot-President, Guindy-Assist Secretary, Pastor Kenth-Treasurer, Diedonnae-Secretary, Mark-Advisor

It takes a village to do Penny's hair.

It takes a village to do Penny’s hair.

Posted by Barb

Tuesday was our “rest” day coming mercifully between the two days of travel to Roche Plate. It was much needed, but rest and idleness are not synonymous as much was still going on. We took more time with morning devotions to pray, reflect on the previous day and share our hearts with each other. I think we are all good at listening with our hearts as well, which makes it a safe place to learn from each other and grow. Devotions ( AM and PM ) are two of my favorite times of the day as I feel myself being both challenged and encouraged in my walk of faith with Jesus by my teammates.

On our ” rest ” day we put together the first aid kits that Lindsay would use in her presentations to CHE and for the schools and churches. Shelley and Beckie spent time with the girls at the orphanage, taking their pictures which the girls loved. Also, two important meetings took place here at the mission, CHE and the Leadership Institute meeting. It is said that people perish for lack of vision but no vision was lacking today in these meetings, lead by Mark. Indeed, a very clear vision for providing pastoral training and the training of Christian leaders who could in turn train other leaders was communicated clearly and received with enthusiasm. This would take place right here at the mission house in Caracol which is being built even as I write these words, literally. I am on the first floor typing this, while all day today workmen have been working on the floor above laying tile and doing lots of pounding which indicates to me how hard they are working despite the heat. When complete, there will be three floors to provide housing and meeting space for the leadership conferences/ trainings that are to take place here. This Christian Leadership Institute of Northeast Haiti will be unique in this hemisphere. Our Haitian brothers attending this meeting were overjoyed to understand without a doubt that this mission house is being built to serve them and their people, not primarily as a place for us to stay when we come. It will be used for the work of the kingdom in the churches here in Haiti and in the Caribbean area. This Christian Leadership Institute is a vision well on its way to becoming a reality by God’s grace and provision.

All this activity took place with the daily activities of the mission compound as a backdrop. Starting with the singing coming from the church around 5AM and continuing with the voices of the children singing melodies both unfamiliar and familiar at afternoon choir practice, ladies singing hymns in the kitchen as they cook and others singing as they do the laundry, (outside) there is an atmosphere of continuous praise and worship from before sunrise ’till after sunset. All the buildings are open air, no windows, so all activity; teaching, preaching, conversing, laughing, children playing, the workmen pounding, and the almost continuous singing, blend together into what is the daily ebb and flow of life here at the mission. This is what our “day of rest” allowed us to experience. This and time to enjoy conversation with the many people who come and go throughout the day. It is a peaceful, purposeful rhythm, quiet yet filled with the comforting sounds of daily life here. I know I truly rested on this “day of rest”.

A note about today’s photo, what better thing to do on a day of rest than to get your hair done? The caption should read, ” It takes a village to do Penny’s hair”.

Lastly, a note about evening devotions. The question was about the impact the poverty in Haiti was having on us. But all we seemed to talk about was the richness each of us is experiencing here, in their relationships, in their worship, in their faith, in their perseverance in the face of hardship, their resilience, in the less hurried pace which seems to make this richness of experience possible. James 2:5 says, ” Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom He promised those who love Him?” And so closes another day in the kingdom. Amen.

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