Haiti – June 2015 / Roche Plate – Days 4 and 6

Posted by Penny

On both Monday and Wednesday we made the two hour drive up the mountain to visit the village of Roche Plate. Riding in the back of a pick-up truck on unpaved roads would rival the rides of an amusement park. Yet, the journey was well worth it.

On Monday, we conducted Vacation Bible School for over 250 children. Upon our arrival, the children were waiting for us anxious for the opportunity to attend. Guindy and Pedrine led the children in worship songs filling the church with the Holy Spirit. Shelley and Beckie taught on Noah’s Ark and the flood with Guindy providing Creole translations filled with lots of energy, oohs and ahs and animation. The visuals which were prepared by Shelley were colorful and engaging. The children expressed pride as they eagerly taped pictures on the board. Afterwards, 28 children accepted Christ as their Savior and prayed the Prayer of Salvation.

While we were with the children, Aly (assisted by Mark and Lindsay) taught 22 members of the community the concepts of CHE Leadership in Creole. Members learned the principles of business ownership through role playing.

Afterwards all 250 children, CHE members and others were fed a delicious meal of rice and beans and chicken.

Wednesday when we returned we were even more busy than on Monday. God truly allowed us to accomplish his mission providing us with supernatural energy and stamina. More than 300 beautiful, loving and patient children were sitting in the pews waiting for us. While Barb taught Part 2 of the lesson ‘The Covenant’, Lindsay conducted First Aide training and passed out supplies to 25 church and community leaders. Afterwards, Aly along with Mark and Lindsay did a second CHE lesson, this time for 28 community members.

In addition, school supplies were donated to the school. These supplies came not only Indianapolis and Chicago, but from the Muslim community in Chicago as well. Upon learning of the trip, a Muslim friend in Chicago wanted to donate to the school, fully aware this was a Christian mission trip and a Christian school. God can move the heart of anyone!

No, our day was not yet over. After Vacation Bible School and the trainings, we wanted to see the land being leased by Caracol Christian Chruch. The land is to be used to grow crops for the school in Roche Plate. Surplus food will then be sold to provide additional funds for the church and school.

The land is not completely accessible by truck. Therefore, once again, we found ourselves walking in the middle of the day in Haiti. Try as we might, we seem unable to avoid a midday walk! Aly, one of our Haitian partners, explained that in Israel, when you purchase land, the land is not yours until you walk the perimeter and pray over the land. With this being said, Mark and the other men walked along part of the land and prayed. Afterwards, all of us prayed over the land as well as some of the local children who had followed us on our walk.

Both days were long considering the four hour round trip commute, but it was a labor of love. Once again God’s mercy and grace appeared. On Wednesday’s trip back to Caracol, we had a light rain shower. What a respite for our hot, tired bodies. The rain along with a cool breeze was just enough to cool us off, but not drench us.

Later in the evening we attended the Wednesday night Praise and worship service. We enjoyed Shongela’s singing. A voice strong and powerful as she sang Love Lifted Me and Have Thine Own Way in Creole. Though the service lasted until midnight, we did not. It was a long day, but by day’s end, we had been spiritually rejuvenated.

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