Nicaragua- July 2015(first day)

Today was a long day of travel but with a great reward. We arrived in Nicaragua at 2:30 pm and have been smiling from ear to ear ever since. We started our stay here in Nicaragua with an introduction of La Quinta and explaining all the rules and suggestions of our housing. After the introduction we spent our time recuperating and getting prepared for the day to come, this consisted of sitting in rocking chairs and watching pastor Wilbur’s son Christian karate chop bubbles. Then to put a cap on our day we enjoyed the delicious food that La Quinta always has to offer. My expectations for this trip are set at a pretty high level considering that last years trip was such a success. However, I think that this trip will exceed my expectations. I believe that God has placed us all on this trip for a reason and i’m excited to see what he has planned in my life and the life’s of others because of this trip.
-Benjamin Wilson
The excitement is brewing and people can hardly contain their happiness. We are definitely at home in Nicaragua.
The flights went great. We had plenty of time to eat, rest and rejuvenate. During the flights there were lots of laughs and smiles. There were several mission trips flying out of Miami and our young adults represented well. I was proud of them!
After we landed in Nicaragua, we went to collect our luggage. All was good until…well, let’s say Jake will be borrowing clothes for a couple days. Poor Jake. His luggage is in Columbia. (Although Brendon denies it, I think he had something to do with it. I’m kidding, of course. No I’m not.) It stinks for Jake, but everyone is pitching in to help him out and make it all manageable. It’ll be just fine. It could be here as early as tomorrow.
The bus was on time and our La Quinta family welcomed us to Managua. We drove through the streets and had a nice introduction to what we will be seeing the next week. There was never a doubt that we were not in Kansas anymore. The rain started falling fairly hard and we got to experience the high humidity with a cool rainfall. It was really quite peaceful.
After seeing our rooms (12 guys basically in 1 warm and humid room- uhh, yikes), we sat on the porch and got to rest and joke around. I was lucky enough to get to spend time with some very close friends, including my amazing daughter, Sydney who is truly glowing, and get to talk with others for the first time. Amazing what happens when you are not rushed.
Then the fun came out. Pastor Wilbur and his amazing family walked up on the front porch with us. We were all greeted with warm hugs – from the kids, too. Their youngest, Christian, is 5 and played with all of us. Nick (Senior el libro, as Christian said) played bubbles with him, watched him sprint across the wet porch (scary), and then put him in a rolling chair as we all counted, “Uno…dos…tres!” and pushed the chair so he slid across the entire porch. We were all wondering what he was saying as his smile lit up Managua. That is until Caroline showed us all up and spoke Spanish with him and translated for the rest of us. Very impressive, Caroline! I thought Christian was never going to let go of her. Caroline was such an example of love to him…I was so proud of her. We all had a blast.
We all had a delicious oven-roasted chicken dinner and then headed out to check out the famous crepe shop and get access to wi-fi. Zionsville needs a crepe shop, btw! Any investors interested? We’re heading off to bed next and will start our day kicking off our sports ministry. Looking forward to catching up with you all later.
Surrounded in Christ’s love, thanks to the children and angels you sent here,
-Mark Kowal

One response to “Nicaragua- July 2015(first day)

  • Lynette Harker

    Praising God for your safe journey! Always excited to see what He is going to do with and through you in Nicaragua!!!!

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