Nicaragua-July Trip(second day)

I apologize for the late arrival of our second post, we did not have the opportunity to use WiFi but better late than never so here you go…
Day two was a definite success. We started out with a delicious Nicaraguan breakfast which included some of the best fruit you’ll ever taste. We then went into a time of worship and devotion with music led by Peter Sanders and devotions led by David Cupp. We dove into Colossians talking about how we are changed in Christ and are called to a higher standard. After our time of meditation and preparation we headed to a sports complex where we got to play with kids for two hours and then got the opportunity to serve them lunch. We then got the chance to see what the kids could do by spending two more hours in a competitive atmosphere which consisted of a group of about 30 people attempting to play soccer or as we like to call it “getting embarrassed by the Nicaraguans.” Our group regretfully had to say adios because we had to head back to La Quinta for dinner and then a movie that was held at Pastor Wilbur’s church. When we got back to La Quinta for dinner we quickly realized that they were cooking our favorite meal of steak and potatoes. After eating way too much we headed to the movie night and watched Big Hero 6 which was a big hit with the crowd(special thanks to Brendon Saget for making that movie night happen). Honestly I didn’t feel that I made any new connections today but I definitely strengthened some previously formed bonds. Going into tomorrow I am going to change that. I am going to stop trying to be comfortable. It’s time to jump out of my comfortability bubble and start to boldly show Christ’s love through my actions and start to create new relationships. I am beyond excited to see what God has in store for me and the rest of the group now. It’s time for me to not but a cap on what God can do and to have the faith that through Him I can get through any situation and through Him I can form those friendships and bonds that he has called me to form.
-Benjamin Wilson
Scrambled eggs, beans and rice, and toast kicked off our day followed by Peter’s awesome worship music, and David’s devotion on Colossians 3. He reminded us that it’s our duty to kill our old self. It’s not just a matter of ignoring and forgetting it, but absolutely destroy our old self without the Lord. How blessed I am to be a part of such a great group of people who believe in this and have never stopped being a light of Christ to this community.
We arrived at the park and greeted the children’s bus as it pulled in to begin our day. The kids bolted to their American friends with air-constricting hugs and smiles. Watching this happen makes you stop in your tracks to absorb the pure love expressed at that moment.
The kids came ready to play and we didn’t disappoint. We KICKED off with soccer, and Nick and Emily introduced the drills as we paired up for basic drills. Once the Nica kids clearly proved they were more than ready to begin, the games started. I wish I could blame the fact that I was exhausted from running on the field due to the extreme heat and humidity. However, the relatively cool weather, and light, refreshing rain at times, proved that I’m quite out of shape. Sigh…
The Nica kids never stopped. One young Nica teen, Julia, schooled EVERYONE. Even Emily couldn’t keep her from getting around her and scoring. In the gentle rain, the kids played hard running into each other, slipped, tripped, and slammed the ground…but they’d just bounced right back up. My head shook back and forth in amazement that these kids didn’t want to miss a minute of fun. We moved to baseball and the kids wanted to wear the batting helmets all the time…offense AND defense. They passed them from kid to kid, hit the balls off the tee and whether they had a glove or not, they played their heart out.
Our sandwich lunch allowed for a break as Caroline showed us that she’s got some skilz on the dance floor and introduced the kids to a great new dance. Caroline is in her element here. The Nica kids can’t take their eyes and arms off of her. There is no doubt that God is using her to bless these kids. I couldn’t be more proud of her.
After a great and damp day we headed back to La Quinta for an amazing steak dinner. Sydney, Jeannie and I got to teach Jeanie S. and Caroline how to play euchre. They were so excited to learn – and I was just thrilled to spend the time with such awesome young ladies. How did I ever get this lucky?
We walked the streets of Managua going door to door inviting families to join us at church for worship and to watch Big Hero 6. The place was packed with people, smiles, love and happiness. It was a major success.
After a very tiring day, we relaxed a bit before bed – journaling, playing cards, reading and blogging. It’s been a memorable day. I can’t wait to experience the Lord’s love tomorrow.
-Mark Kowal

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