Nicaragua – August – Day 3

Rod and the team did the first day of BILD pastor/leader training in the TAV North churches.  Nine churches were represented by their pastors and two key leaders from each.  The BILD training material focuses on strong Christian development with a strong leadership emphasis. The program has been received well with full support by Pastor Belcer, the over-seeing pastor of all the TAV churches in Nicaragua.  The rest of the team was blessed with the opportunity to hang out with our sponsor children for the day. We met the kids at Rey Solomon and packed them into a bus… next destination Chocoyero (a nature park in the rainforests of Managua). God’s plan works in interesting ways and when our bus temporarily broke down we had a great time playing soccer and baseball with the children. The nature walk included many wildlife including lizards, exotic birds, and even termites! The walk was capped off by a magnificent waterfall and soon we were on our way to Pizza Hut. The kids were very grateful for any gifts and appreciated all the activities because many of these things are new experiences. After dropping the kids back off at school or their homes, we were able to spend time worshiping with the congregation at Rey Solomon.  This was an incredibly powerful service filled with singing and praise.  After the singing, there was a significant time set aside for prayer.  Everyone was encouraged to pray over another person who was there.  This was a very emotional experience for our team, and we could very tangibly feel the Holy Spirit among us.  Theresa gave a short lesson about the brevity of life compared to eternity and our need to strive towards heaven.  Mark followed this with a lesson about character and the value of raising children with good character by setting a quality example.  The night concluded with a meaningful team debrief.

Nicaragua August 2015 (1)   Nicaragua August 2015 (2)

Nicaragua August 2015 (3)   Nicaragua August 2015 (4)


Nicaragua August 2015 (5)

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