Nicaragua – August – Day 4

Rod Duncan left early to continue with the BILD program. The Pastors at TAV West finished strong.  The rest of the team went up to La Concha to visit the school. We noticed the change in the temperature pretty quickly as we ascended into the mountains.  Upon arrival we were greeted by the principal of the school and received a tour of the new office and new library. Both of which were considerably better than before.  There is still much work to be done but we saw a lot of progress.  Unfortunately one of our team members Greg Rothchild came down with a bug of some sort and we sadly had to leave him behind at La Quinta for the day. Greg had prepared a biblical teaching on the importance of the words that come out of our mouths to present to 4th and 5th graders.  (Ephesians 4:29)

Thankfully, because Greg was prepared he was able to send everything with us and we were able to carry on the teaching.  In his place, Collin Maher, Katie Williams, and Ryan Kelly went to several classrooms and gave this visual example. They took a tube of toothpaste and squeezed it out onto a plate. Then they asked for a volunteer (4th and 5th graders) from each class. The student volunteer  was then asked to put the toothpaste back into the tube, which of course was impossible. The lesson: The toothpaste squeezed out of the tube represented our words.  Once they come out, you can’t put them back.  Harmful words to someone are not good! And not what God wants us to do with our words.

After leaving La Concha we were incredibly blessed to be invited to our facilitators home for lunch where his wife fixed us a delicious meal.

The middle of the day was spent at Ciudad Sandino with Pastor Wilbur and his wife Maritza and their two sons.

Wednesday evening Mark and Theresa Thompson presented the marriage training portion of the trip at Pastor Oscar Jr.’s TAV Bethsaya Church. With the help of our entire team we were very excited to host 30 couples.  The topic was on the struggles we face in our marriages. We ended in a special time of prayer with the couples.

Nicaragua August 2015 (6) Nicaragua August 2015 (7) Nicaragua August 2015 (8)

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