Nicaragua – August – Day 5

Rod Duncan left very early in the morning to continue with the BILD program. He spent his day at Chinendega with the group of pastors and had a very successful day with all his teachings.

The rest of the team went to the Agape Clinic and spent a couple of hours talking with Dr. Karla about her visions for the clinic. We shared a nice lunch with the entire staff.

We were so blessed to be able to do 15 food deliveries later in the day to some beautiful, Christian families who were in much need of food, love, and fellowship.  Upon our arrival,  we were greeted at a very small church in the city by a Pastor Lazarus who shared his very powerful testimony with us. He took the team to the homes of some of his congregation where we were able to deliver the food, tell them about the love God has for them, and end with some prayer.  We had the opportunity to pray over 2 very sick people, it was a powerful time, and the Holy Spirit’s presence was definitely felt by us all. Nicaragua August 2015 (12) Nicaragua August 2015 (11) Nicaragua August 2015 (10) Nicaragua August 2015 (9)

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