Are we well prepared?

Well prepared?
We are a small team, contrasted too much larger teams in the past. So we did not have as many meetings. But it seemed each time we did get together, most of the team members were in a state constant spiritual warfare. The battles began early on and continued through the summer.
But, things changed as we got to the airport. We had two different traveling teams and both were the smoothest trips from Indy to Nairobi that we can remember. Both made the one-way journey in less than 24 hours. What a blessing!
Today, after church, we had lunch and then decided to go to the Masai open air market. We went to shop but we now know that God had other plans. Plans that He had been preparing us for.
After a while, one of our team members had enough shopping and sat down near the exit to the market. A conversation was struck up with some locals nearby and they asked her why she was in Kenya. She proceeded to tell that she was part of a short term mission’s team and was there to tell people about Jesus and what He had done for her. A crowd began to form and questions were asked.
Questions were asked and discussion ensued. Some said they did not need Jesus, but a man nearby, Andrew, said he needed help and wanted to talk. Andrew stated, and confirmed by many nearby, that he was an alcoholic, and was not sure Jesus would want to help him.
With a large audience, two team members engaged Andrew a discussion of his condition, and Jesus’ desire to help in change. With tears in his eyes, Andrew never wavered from the conversation, and did not seem to notice the attentive crowd. Not only did Andrew give his heart to Jesus, he gave his name and telephone number to the team members so that a local Pastor could get in touch with him. Additionally, Andrew asked if he could call his wife and would the team members talk with her. Andrew’s wife was thrilled and excited about his decision for Christ.
Other team members had made a purchase that required going back to the hotel to get money, and the shop keeper sent a person to go with them. As they were leaving they too watched Andrew’s discussions and final decision. As the second group walked back to the hotel, the shop keeper’s person, James, began to tell his story and started by saying he was a Christian. He went on to say that he was very unhappy and unfulfilled in his current job and with life in general.
As the team met around a table under the trees outside of the hotel, he join in on a discussion on what it means to give your heart to Jesus. That none of us are worthy, but through the shed blood of Jesus, we can become a child of God. James, in that sitting and discussions, recommitted his life to Jesus and the joy on his face was evidence of his internal decision.
This team is small, only numbering five, and has wondered if numbers will hinder our effectiveness. We now sense that God has been preparing us for His purposes, and that maybe, as with Gideon, the numbers needed to be more in line with what God has planned.
Pray for us as we seek to be His hands extended to His people and that lives will be forever changed and His Kingdom increased. For as John the Baptist said, He must increase, and we must decrease. We seek to fulfill the works that God has prepared for us.
Bwana Asifiwe!

2 responses to “Are we well prepared?

  • Sherry minkis

    Will be mindful in prayer for your group. Wish I was there with you. Fondly think of many of my Kenyan friends often.
    What a great day I am imagining you all have had. blessings to you all.

  • Martin

    Hey good friends, its true we all need God in our lives no matter what situation we are in. I would what to get in touch with you guys. God bless you for the good job

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