Blessed by Mary

Kenya: Mathare Valley
Tuesday September 15, 2015

We have a small but powerful group. Powerful because the Holy Spirit is on our trip with us. Today we spread the Gospel story visiting people in their homes in a process called “Bring the Light”. This is where a hole is cut in the roof of the home to let light in, if the occupant will listen to us share our message about the Light of the World.

I participated in four home visits in which for one we visited with Mary. She is somewhere north of the age of 70 and has heart and sight problems. She is taking care of her five grandchildren, the oldest being 18 and the youngest perhaps four years old. She is a Christian, and as we shared the salvation story with her she rejoiced.

We were asked to give her a word of encouragement. I shared how I have a very special Aunt Mary in the States and that she reminded me of. I told her I would be praying for her health. Of course, as you probably know, I said a little more than that. After we prayed for her she took my hand and sang a song of blessing to me. I indeed felt very blessed. Those living in the Mathare Valley have very few material items and live in horrible conditions, but each time I come here I feel so blessed.

In your prayers please remember this Mary, from the Mathare Valley, that God would provide health and provisions.

Blessings, TM

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