Verve mission trip Day 1- Being the hands and feet of Jesus!

 Today was full of anticipation, not only was it my first time in Las Vegas, it was also my first mission trip.

I have always felt the calling to serve and share God’s word but never knew how to do it the right way. I never felt my story was ever going to be one worth listening to, as I believe so many people have a  powerful story to tell. However, we quickly realized that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, one small act of love at a time. So when I got the opportunity to join the Verve church on a mission trip I couldn’t wait to go. Arriving at Verve was such a great feeling! They were so welcoming and gave us a huge round of applause walking in. I was also put at ease when we were told we just had to plant seeds not evangelize. This is my first trip after all and I felt I wouldn’t know where to start.

Our first assignment was to canvas local neighborhoods to distribute invite cards to Verve. Here’s where being the hands and feet of Jesus comes into play. We got out and walked the local neighborhoods, and walked, and walked, and walked. Over 8 miles of walking. I think many of us wondered, will this work actually make a difference? Will someone actually come to Verve and come to a relationship with Jesus?  Would we be in suspense of never knowing, but hoping that just one invite card could start a ripple affect. That one person could read it at the right time and be impacted by it. They could show up to Verve and it could change their life. They could be the next pastor of a church, or share it with their friends and family. We heard 100% confirmation from the leadership of Verve, that they have members that started their walk with Jesus because they received an invite card at a time in their lives when they were in need and open to the message of God’s love. So, yes, this small act of love can make a big impact. And all that was asked of us, was to be ourselves. No extraordinary acts needed!

Ever heard of the term “Guerrilla love?” Well we hadn’t either! In short, they are small, personal opportunities to love on people – love unconditionally and love consistently.  We learned so much more than that today, including to always have a servants heart. To slow down and be aware of surroundings. To look out and pay attention to every situation God puts in front of you. The chance to have a conversation with your local cashier or mail man. The chance to hold open a door for someone who can’t.  The key:
“There’s a place for the extraordinary, but transformation happens in the ordinary.”

Just knowing that God made us each differently with different talents and because of that, life transformations can happen in the ordinary.
Who are you? What is your mission? What can you do in your everyday life to be a Guerilla lover in your community?

After our lesson on Guerilla Love, we headed out to the strip to pass out more invite cards to the locals. So many flashing lights. Constant promotions, things screaming buy me, come here, do this. It’s very overwhelming and busy; so very busy. No wonder they call it “the city that never sleeps”. It was pretty close to how I envisioned the strip, just more flashy. I saw things that I’ve never seen before. With everything so focused on tourists,  it was great seeing the locals feel glad we gave them something just for them. They smiled, said thank you, and to watch them read it and have an interest gave me a since of reassurance and hope. It’s that hope that keeps us going and gets us up in the morning. It’s the hope God gives us to be his disciples and be loving and caring to others around us so they want to have a relationship with God also.

After a 21 hour day I’m feeling full of Gods love and grace. Looking forward to another life transforming day tomorrow.

To read more about Verve Church and to view live testimony’s check out their website or

To find out more about Guerilla Love, check out the book, “Guerilla Lovers: Changing the World with Revolutionary Compassion”

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