Monterrey Mexico with Back2Back Ministries Day ONE

Sunday November 22, 2015 – DAY ONE!!!

We are here! We made it! We are nestled among the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains and have been feeling God’s glorious hand at work all day long. We had perfectly timed and safe flights. We had wonderful team bonding during our travels. We originally had the unfortunate news that a team member would miss a connecting flight due to weather out east, but God prevailed and after a frantic sprinting-through-O’Hare-Home-Alone moment, he made it on our flight to Monterrey. Needless to say, we all clapped and cheered as he boarded the plane! Thank you God!
After an hour long bus ride through Monterrey and the Sierra Madre mountains, we arrived at the Back2Back campus. Our afternoon was spent on campus, resting and preparing our hearts for the work God wants us to do. We talked and laughed. We rested and prayed. We met our wonderful mission coordinator, Sammy, who took us through an orientation of sorts. We got a tour of the campus, got the low down on the rules and a bit of a schedule for the week and heard about the amazing work that is done here. Oh, are we excited to be a part of it!
We had the privilege and honor of eating dinner in the homes of the Hope students and their host families. There really are no words to describe it. These wonderful and gracious families welcomed us into their homes and their space. It was incredible to experience what can happen when we come together over a table, not sharing a common language but food, laughter, and a love for Jesus. The host families are supporting these students physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They are the epitome of the hands and feet of Jesus; what a blessing it was to be around their table. Over the of span an hour or two, the walls came down and we talked and laughed till our cheeks hurt and we left their homes feeling like friends.
That being said, we have been up for almost 24 hours. Our bodies and minds are exhausted but our hearts are so incredibly full! We are feeling joy, hope, and so much of God’s grace and love. Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day and we are so excited to meet the children at the Imperio de Amor Children’s Home. We are praying for a restful and recuperative night and day full of joyful service tomorrow.

Never too early to serve!

Never too early to serve!

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