Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 1

Upon pulling into the Caracol Mission Compound, we were greeted by Pastor Payot with “Welcome Home”, which is truly how we felt, as though we were returning home. This feeling was especially true for some members of our group, Doug, Julie, Rick, Mary and Carol are all in the 20+ club, while Stan, Gerald, Penny, Jim and Lawanda are steadily working their way towards that mark. That leaves Marti, for whom this is her very first visit.

On the drive in, we all watched Marti as she stood in the back of the truck. Her gaze wandered from left to right in amazement with question after question. What kind of trees are those? What’s that building?

It was a thrill to see Pedrine, now a married woman. Those in the 20+ club reminisced about knowing Pedrine as a toddler and marveled at the beautiful, God loving woman she has become. Upon learning of Pedrine’s engagement last year, Julie and Mary immediately went into action. Measurements for a wedding dress, face booking pictures back and forth – finally the perfect dress is found! The dress is ordered on line – from China, delivered to Indianapolis, and brought down to Caracol by Gerald! Truly an international event! Never doubt what a little motivation and a lot of God can accomplish.

We were thrilled to discover the second floor of the mission house is approximately 90% complete. This allowed the men to sleep on the second floor while the women remained on the first floor. Each year we return, we continue to see improvement and development. How wonderful to God’s plan in action, even in our absence.

Welcome Home!

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