Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 2

Songs for Sunday morning devotion were accompanied by Rick on the guitar. This particular Sunday, being Valentine’s Day found candy and cards under the pillows of all the women. Finally a sweet tooth has its advantages -those who didn’t eat their candy, returned to find ants willing to share!

After church, part of the group went to Roche Plate for CHE meetings. Those who remained behind found plenty to keep busy, lest you think everyone lounged and napped. Julie and Mary separated medicines, leaving Jim, Carol and Penny to install lights and ceiling fans on the second floor.

The surprising February breeze was amazingly refreshing as we all tended to our tasks. However, this amazing weather did come with lots of rain. Upon the return of the others from Roche Plate, we learned of their treacherous journey on the flooded and unpaved roads. On the way back, there was some question of being able to cross a particularly flooded pass. With prayers and an order from Rick: “Put ‘er in gear and don’t stop! “, they made it back. This gave a new understanding to the phrase “God willing and the creek don’t rise!”

Dinner included a delicious chocolate birthday cake celebrating Pastor Payot’s 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday Payot!

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