Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 3

Haiti – Day 3 / Monday 15 February 2016

Today got off to a busy start…day one of the clinic. Everyone had their assignments – Dr.’s Doug, Stan and Ju Claude (a local Haitian Doctor) saw patients. Julie, Mary and Lawanda were on pharmacy duty. Guindy, Luma, Watson, and Jeff were our interpreters while Penny and Carol managed security. That left Marti for the most important job of all – Prayer Warrior and nurturer.

As patients waited their turn in line, strictly enforced by Penny and Carol, Marti, when not passing out water to patients, could constantly be found with a baby on one arm and the other arm around a patient praying.

Penny and Carol established an assembly line of sorts. Patients were given numbers outside. Brought in, in groups of ten where they were seated on pews in the back of the church. One by one they were brought up front to the doctors. Dr.’s Doug, Stan and Ju Claude patiently listened to the symptoms assisted by our interpreters which often times included plenty of sign language.

After seeing the doctor, patients then gave their prescriptions to our make shift pharmacy in the front of the church. Julie and Mary had somehow arranged the rows upon rows of bottles, tubes and pills into some cryptic organization which allowed them to fill every order with efficiency. Finally, nary a patient left without prayer from Marti, Carol or Penny.

Walt Disney and Henry Ford would have been proud. Our assembly line process of keeping the client moving forward was a success. Also, our security team, based on Chicago’s finest ensured the entire process ran smoothly.

Now, what about the rest of the team? Rick, Jim and Gerald continued their efforts in upgrading the electrical system in the mission house. Their search of needed materials in Cap-Haitien could easily have qualified as a new version of ‘The Great Race’. Yet, with God’s grace, materials were located or at least ordered for pick up later in the week.

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