Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 4

Haiti – Day 4 / Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Today we prepare for the big CHE conference with ministers. Seventy ministers and community leaders from Caracol, Trou de Nord, Cap-Haiten and Roche Plate were invited to learn the concepts of CHE (Christian Help Evangelism). These concepts are Christian based and encourage leadership within the community. Through CHE, pastors will be able to teach their parishes Christian business concepts that will eventually help the various communities become more self-sustaining.

Again several of us spent the morning registering the guests then serving lunch. Meanwhile, Rick continued his scavenger hunt and returned with several five gallon buckets of paint. We thought he was out searching for electrical equipment!

During the lunch break, Dr. Doug was asked to examine Jade. Jade is a young 19 yr old American missionary from Alabama who had only been in Haiti for two weeks. Having an upset stomach, initially it was thought that Jade was still adjusting to the spicy creole food. However, Dr. Doug and Dr Stan soon diagnosed Acute Appendicitis. With Nurse Mary praying with and for Jade, Jade soon calmed dow and shots were administered.

However, Jade’s host family, Pastor Vilmer was our main guest speaker and therefore unable to leave the conference. Thankfully, throughout Dr. Doug’s nearly thirty years of missionary work in Haiti, he had developed a close relationship with nearby Sacre Coeur Hospital. Dr. Doug and wife Julie, with Jade in tow, took off for the hospital in Milot. Julie made contact with Jade’s mom assuring her that Jade would receive the best care possible. Simultaneously, Julie was also consulting with her doctor- daughter in Texas. Upon arriving at the hospital, the trio were met by The ER Doctor and Dr Bernard, a great English speaking surgeon who brought comfort to all.

After the conference, the afore mentioned paint was out to good use. Marti, Stan, Penny, Lawanda, Mary, Carol, and Rick, along with Kainsone and Andy (local community participants), painted the dining area on the first floor. The lower portion of two walls in the dining area has rows of spindles. Painting the spindles was a tedious process, requiring much detail. By dinner time, we had finally finished two coats of paint on the walls and ceilings and ready to eat. Yet, Marti and Kainsone still painting spindles, refused to abandon their tasks. They continued sitting on the floor painting until the last spindle was coated in fresh white paint. Their determination is only one example of the dedication shown by all on this team.

Meanwhile Jim, Doug, and Gerald remained on the second floor, doing all types of electrical and other contractor type ‘stuff’. Whatever stuff they were doing required trenches to be dug outside for underground electrical cables. Wires dangled from various areas on the roof, ladders were moved around while lots of banging could be heard.

By the end of the night, we were dirty, exhausted yet joyful. We thanked God for the strength and determination he gave us to accomplish our tasks this day. We especially thanked him for Doug’s and Stan’s ability to diagnose Jade, as we asked his blessing for her health and well being.

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