Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 5

We are up early today heading to Roche Plate. Somehow we managed to all fit into the back of the truck along with bins of medical supplies. Arriving at Roche Plate, we find patients already lined up waiting to be seen by the doctors. After set up and prayer, the clinic is once again open for business.

We have our three doctors, Doug, Stan and Ji Claude, our ‘pharmacists’, Julie, Mary and Lawanda, our security team, Penny and Carol, our nurturer, Marti, and our interpreters. Once again, Penny and Carol were strict enforcers of law and order, ensuring patients entered and were seen in an orderly fashion.

After spending the day seeing patients,we walked with Faunet, to see the chickens and the bean fields. Faunet, the principal of the school in Roche Plate, also raises chickens to supplement needed funds. We walked to the beans fields which will soon be ready for harvest. Last year, these same fields yielded crops of rice, which helped feed the children in the school. This field was purchased with the help of Caracol Christian Ministry. Now instead of providing funds to feed the children, the fields will provide food for years to come. This is just one example of CHE concepts in practice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rick, Jim and Gerald managed to track down all of the previously ordered supplies. Upon our return, no longer were extension cords routed from the first floor to second for power. Lighting and cool air circulated from the ceiling fans. Conduit could be seen wrapped around the outer outer perimeter of the building.

Dinner that night included rice from the fields in Roche Plate. While eating our meal which we all recognized the particular blessing, knowing this meal was a direct result of the long term goals of not only Caracol Christian Ministry, but of Traders Point Christian Church as well. Slowly, these villages are learning the concepts self sustainability.

By the way, the chicks we saw had not yet matured into chickens ready to eat. However, Faunet did inform of us that Mark Gibson, another Haiti team member, did have the pleasure of dining on chicken raised on this chicken farm, during his last visit. Hopefully, the next team will also sample chicken from Roche Plate. Bon Appetit!

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