Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 6

Today, is our last day of the clinic. Once again patients are lined up waiting for us to open. After seeing patients from the village, the doctors then tended to the students who attend school on the mission compound. Class by class the students are lined up waiting to be seen.

Our contracting crew of Gerald, Jim and Rick are working feverishly to finish the second floor. Final wires were threaded through the previously dug trenches and attached to the meter which provides electricity for the entire compound. Nothing would stop this crew from their mission. Not even an army of red ants, though they did try! As Jim now stood barefoot on a cement block, having abandoned his ant coated sandals, he continued to attach wires ignoring the bites he had received on his heels.

And yet, this day, will not be over until Rick has his final meeting with the Caracol CHE members. Most of the attending members have now completed the training. They were then informed of the need to prepare business plans in order to qualify for micro loans. These loans obtained through CHE will provide further opportunities for the village and mission in Caracol to become self sustaining.

That night, dinner included not only rice from the field in Roche Plate, but beans from the field in Caracol. It is our prayer that children attending school at the missions in both Roche Plate and Caracol will have meals provided regularly through these fields even as they continue to be fed spiritually through the churches led by Pastors Payot, Kenth, and Ernest.

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