Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 7

Today is our final full day in Caracol and also our ‘Rest Day’. We prepare to head out on our field trip to the Citadel, praying the rain will hold off long enough to allow travel on the roads.

Our prayers are answered and we arrived to a throng of locals, vying to be chosen as the one to ride their horse. We slowly amble up the steep cliff, on horses that were deceptively capable of handling the wet and slippery cobblestones. All except for Doug, (those who know Doug are not surprised) who walked up the cliff, keeping pace with us.

We learned the fort was built by Henry Christophe in the early 1800’s to prevent the country from being invaded by the French. We also learned that during this time, Voodoo was the primary religion. It is said, that Christophe made a pact with the devil to defeat the French. While Catholicism is now the official religion of Haiti, Voodoo is still prevalent. It reminded us of that our presence (meaning All who are followers of Christ) and our prayers are so very needed in this region. And, why the Caracol Christian Ministry, Traders Point Christian Church and the CHE ministry concepts are so important.

Did I mention earlier, that today was a day of rest? After a wonderful lunch in town, we head back to the compound to finish up the electrical work. A quick shopping trip and a visit to the hardware store and we are on our way. Jim, Rick and Gerald have now automated our water supply. This came just in the knick of time as poor Gerald wore the soles off his boots monitoring our water supply. No longer does Gerald have to run up to the roof, check the water level in the tank, then run down and over to another building, turn on the power for the well pump, then remember to go back in twenty minutes or so, to ensure the tank on the roof didn’t overflow. Not only did Gerald perform his task each morning and evening, but also whenever the toilets ceased to flush. (However, this does not relieve Gerald of his morning coffee duties.)

Our evening ends once again with our nightly devotion accompanied by Rick on the guitar and Mary’s and Carol’s beautiful voices. We are all thankful for God allowing us to accomplish so much. The clinic in three days saw a total of 484 patients! Electricity, lights and ceiling fans have been installed on the second floor and walls have been painted on both the first and second floors. The mission house can now not only accommodate more guests, but is slowly transforming into the CHE Training Center we all envision.

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