Haiti – Feb 2016 / Day 8

Today we prepare to say goodbye. We are up early, sorting supplies and clothing. What to take back? What to leave? Though ready to return to the states to our families, it is bittersweet as always.

On the way we back, we stopped at another mission compound in Cap-Haitian. This compound is run by a dear friend of Caracol Christian Ministry, Wilbur Merzilus of Living Hope Missions (LHM). Wilbur was hosting a group of missionaries from a church in Ohio which helps support LHM. We had prepared and packed tuna salad and tortillas for our group of ten. Yet, Upon arriving at the compound in Cap-Haitian, we were greeted by at least twenty others from Hope. We combined their delicious soup with our tuna wraps and fed the entire group! (Hmmm, remind you of five loaves and two fish?)

After prayer for safe journeys for all, we are finally on our way to the airport and home. Until next year, we ask for God’s continued blessings on our families both here and abroad. Our trip began in Haiti with ‘Welcome Home’, and it ends back in the states, again, with ‘Welcome Home’.

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