Austin 2016 – Serving Austin

The morning was filled with excitement as we began our first full day in Austin! This was my first mission trip and we came to Austin, Texas to help Dave and April Jamerson launch their new church plant. On Friday evening our team from Indiana rolled in to pray over, invite members of the community to join us on Easter Sunday and to help with whatever is needed to support Dave and April on their launch weekend. Dave gave us plenty of inspiration as he shared with us the reasons why he felt God called him to Austin. Both Dave and April have a heart for people and their hearts were in full on trusting God without doubt mode as they embarked upon this adventure! Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.  Although it is about the same size area in Indianapolis, but there are about 1/3 as many churches.  

At our breakfast meeting Dave spoke about the hope found in Jesus that he desires to show that hope and grace that comes with loving God and Jesus to the community of Austin. We started the day by doing Guerilla Love – delivering donuts to the surrounding businesses with invitations to join us on Easter Sunday.  This was quite an adventure but overall we received many “thank you’s” and “what a great outreach by the church” comments.
White familyThomas delivery12294679_10153676205318842_5210899745584298741_n2016-03-26 12.49.08

One of the amazing things about this missions trip was that because it fell over spring break and was in the US, many children were present.  The children were impressive as they went up to other children they have never met and inviting them to church with such confidence.  It was great to see these little hearts on fire for God and eager to share that with others!  This happened over and over again as we walked through the neighborhood to put invitations on doors!

2016-03-26 14.46.46white invitation2016-03-26 15.01.27-2

Walking through the neighborhoods we felt our prayers from earlier in the day being answered.  Every person we spoke to was receptive to us and open to the invitation!  We walked through the neighborhoods praying over these families and the local community.

We were able to see the permanent location for the church and prayed over it with Dave Jamerson!  Naturally we followed it up with a group cheer!!

image1 (1)group cheer

We ended the day tired but excited to see so many in the community being open to talking about church and God.  We were so blessed to be there to support Dave and April as they headed into the final hours of their big launch!

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