Austin, TX – Renovate Church Launch Day

The day started off bright and early as we knew we had a lot of set-up and organizing to do before guests started arriving at 10 a.m.!  Some members of our team were very sleepy as they had stayed up with Dave assisting him with last minute details until the wee hours, but they still arrived coffee in hand and with a big smile!  Talk about being troopers and serving others graciously without complaint!  They were walking examples of it today!

First let me say that I have never witnessed the “setting up” and “tearing down” of all the necessary items needed for a church before.  WOW!  I had no idea how much work went into it!  The months Dave and April have been preparing for this really showed up that morning.  The details all came together and it was impressive.  We quickly integrated with the core Texas team and we were rocking through things pretty quickly.  Dave’s vision really shone through as he helped us set up!  It became increasingly obvious that he and April had spent a great deal of time organizing, planning in great detail and getting everything ready for the launch today.

Renovate mission

The nursery and preschool rooms set up and practiced our songs with the volunteers.  The kids had a ton of fun helping out!

12670753_10153679910028842_1620094239709818416_n Jesus is Alive12804715_10153679909938842_4852113652817638481_n 12920448_10153679910018842_189427469567214293_n


The tech volunteers kept the sound running smoothly and the projector screens!  You can also see our own Kristi Thomas during worship!


While I personally didn’t get to hear the message that Dave preached (since I was in the nursery) I did hear bits and pieces as parents picked up.  Not surprising Dave’s sermon was surrounding hope and when we have hope and trust in Jesus.  It was a great first sermon and we are so excited with the turnout.  Nearly 100 adults showed up!

congregationElem kids

Kristi chalk


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