Las Vegas Verve-April 2016

Highlights from Day 1

The staff at the Verve welcomed us with cheering, high fives and music. They are excited to have some help in seeking and saving the lost in Las Vegas.

Our team listened to Verve pastor Vince Antonucci speak about our purpose as Christians and how we are to “lead with love” when on mission during the “Question Zero” seminar.

We helped set up the building for a youth program, deep cleaned the kids’ ministry rooms and toys and worked on a painting project to serve the Verve. We were excited to learn that 2 of the 5 staff members at Verve are from Indiana, and we made some awesome connections with them.

Our team handed out Verve invite cards in a Vegas suburb. We had some encouraging interactions with some of the residents and were able to share about Verve.

At the end of the day, we sat down as a team to share a meal together and debrief. We had some amazing sharing time about how God is already working in our lives and through this trip.image imageimageimageimage

How We Can Pray for Verve

Pray for financial provision for the Verve staff as they raise money and work other jobs to help support their ministry.

Pray that new leaders would come to Verve and be raised up in the congregation.

Pray for wisdom and discernment for lead pastor Vince Antonucci.

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