Las Vegas Verve-April 2016 / Day 2

Highlights from Day 2

Each morning before we leave, we write a thank you note to our housekeeper and leave it on the bed for them. We have been getting some sweet replies from them.

We handed out 40 dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts to local businesses with an invite card to the Verve attached to each one. It was so fun to be able to bless people with no strings attached. Two of us walked in to Ken’s Food Inc. (think:  salad dressing and BBQ sauce) to deliver donuts. The receptionist received us so warmly and was excited to take 10 dozen boxes back to the workers. She said their 160 employees would appreciate them. She then gave us an entire bottle of Ken’s salad dressing and some BBQ sauce as a souvenir, which we excitedly hoisted in the air as we walked back toward the team sitting in the van cheering us on. We were seriously having so much fun seeing the reactions of the people when we came in with free donuts for them. Priceless.

After handing out donuts, we ate lunch together and brainstormed our upcoming Guerilla Lover Project. The project will be our opportunity to target a specific group of people to lavish blessings on them. We were chasing a lot of dead ends and getting a lot of closed doors, which was honestly a bit frustrating, but God had an awesome plan already worked out for us!

At Verve, Jake (a homegrown Hoosier) and Ryan helped us learn a little bit more about our personality types and how they work together. We took a personality assessment before the trip, and they used our test results to do fun and interactive activities to demonstrate to us our personality traits in action.

After the awesome seminar, we helped Carla with a few building projects at the church. She oversees Verve’s facilities, and she shared with us that she originally came to Verve because of an invite card when her husband was a non-believer. He now helps lead worship at the Verve, and the two play such vital roles at the church. We prayed for Carla and her family, and she showed us how labor-intensive work like cleaning windows, washing chairs and doors and vacuuming can be acts of worship if you do them with a prayerful heart acknowledging all the people you can impact with your work. It was such a great lesson to learn.

We went to dinner at the Bennett home with Lisa and Jeff Bennett. Jeff and Lisa moved to Las Vegas originally for Jeff to work at the Verve as executive pastor. He and his wife shared their histories with us and how God has worked through all the details of their lives. They also showed us a lot of wisdom and fielded all of our questions about church planting, life in Las Vegas and some of the difficulties they have had. We appreciate their hospitality, openness and complete transparency and have loved getting to know them. Lisa also gave us great ideas for our Guerilla Lover project. More to come…

Then we finally explored the Las Vegas strip a bit at the end of the evening. It was an eye-opening experience, and we got to hand out some invite cards for the Verve. It was fun to walk around and take in some of the sights, but since we were on a mission trip we had quite a different perspective than if we had been on a vacation. The brokenness of Las Vegas is so on display, and people who live here need to hear about Jesus. We are so excited to be serving the Verve to help them seek and save the lost in Vegas.

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How We Can Pray for the Verve

Pray for God’s provision for Carla and her family.

Pray for the invite cards that we’ve handed out that they would plant a seed and people would come to the Verve because of them now or in the future.

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