Las Vegas Verve-April 2016 / Day 4

Our last day was filled with lots of reflection. Looking back over our trip and the time we had here in Las Vegas.

Before we left on Sunday, we got up early in the morning to run to the grocery to get the supplies we needed to fill the hospitality room with food and drinks for the volunteers at Verve. We finished off some cleaning at the facility and jumped straight into volunteering. Some of us got to attend the first service while others served. We rotated so that the remaining teammates could attend one of the later services. It was such a blessing to again be poured into by the Verve family.

Looking back on the trip, we were all encouraged by not only the amount of serving we were able to do in our time here, but truly in the servant hearts of those at Verve. We each felt poured into and spurred to increase not only the amount of service in our lives, but also the intentionality of it. Not wasting a moment, but using it to be more and more eternally focused. Taking what we have learned and seen back to Indiana.

While Traders Point and Verve may be very different churches, both are on mission seeking to bring the lost to Jesus. Both churches desire to make disciples. Both ultimately want to make much of Christ’s name. Being a part of this mission trip has not only been influential on us spiritually but has impacted us in such a way that we will live more on mission at home, where we work, live and play.

image image image image image

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