Nicaragua – Day 5

Sunday was spent helping with church, worship, children’s church, and delivering 30 bags of food to needy families in the community. It is such a joy to do church with our good friends and make some new ones in Ciudad Sandino. Thirteen teens from the church prepared songs for us, and two teenagers are now leading the worship for the church on a regular basis.  John and Daniel gave testimonies in church about how their mothers’ faith has influenced them.
All of the moms were invited to our special Mother’s Day event in the afternoon, where they were served a favorite festive dish of Nicaraguans, arroz valenciana. In addition, Jamie and Becca led favorite worship songs, Rocio spoke about the importance of a God-centered mama, we did crafts, laughed a lot, and prayed over them. At the end, we sent them home with more food so they would not have to cook the rest of the day.


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