Day 1 – Arrival

Well friends, we have safely arrived in Managua,  Nicaragua after a long morning of traveling! We were blessed with safe and easy travels this morning to make a smooth transition into the country. After settling in and unpacking, we were able to meet as a group and discuss our week’s activities. While God has plenty in store for us this week, we were humbly reminded that we make an overwhelming impact when attempting to serve the wonderful people of Nicaragua.With best intentions, we tend to over plan, over work, and focus only on the jobs that we have deemed necessary to be done. We forget that the true meaning of our mission trip here is to provide relentless love, amazing grace, and form honest and pure relationships. The jobs and work we do over here will indeed benefit some, but nothing will compare to displaying the love He has shown for us through relationship building and serving with open hands. We have gratefully been served by so many during our first hours here in Managua. We have great housing accommodations, ate amazing food, and engaged in wonderful conversation this afternoon. We are truly excited to be able to come with open eyes, hands, and hearts to serve the Special Needs community of Nicaragua in any way they need. We are praying that God will strike down anything that is not part of His plan and that all the glory from our work is given to Him. We appreciate your prayers and will update again tomorrow!

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