Day 3 – Intentional Relationship

We come to the end of Day 3 of our Nicaraguan Adventure with hearts that are overflowing with love and joy. Today’s agenda allowed us to meet with the students that we have sponsored. The infrequency of trips to Nicaragua poses barriers for us when trying to form relationships with the students we sponsor. However, that one day a week that NRN allows us to meet with our students, share experiences, and love on each other is so greatly appreciated.A common theme that was discussed today was the importance of building relationships and being intentional with the time we have with not only our team, but our Nicaraguan friends. Today we were able to spend time on the beautiful boardwalk of Managua, Nicaragua where the sun was shining bright and the breeze was enjoyable. We enjoyed being able to have intentional relationship with our kids through playing, conversations, and sharing a meal together. While a language barrier posed some issues, the facilitators of our trip humbly translated all of our conversations with smiles on their faces. We could have just let the kids play on the playground, or wander around and not attempt to engage with them. But, we know the Lord calls us to so much more. In devotional this morning, we were reminded that Christ ALWAYS prioritized relationships before attempting to minister or engage in teachings. This message sat on our hearts today as we openly engaged with our kids. We came with open arms, hearts, and minds and the reward was so so great. Our team learned simplicity, graciousness, and humbleness from each and every child we spent time with today. The Lord calls us to great things but we often forget that the first and greatest thing He calls us to, is relationship. We will be praying that this message stays on our hearts throughout the rest of the trip. All of your prayers are so appreciated and we have been blessed in so many ways this week. Check back tomorrow for another update!

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