Day 6 -Cultural Day

We are hot, exhausted, and smelly. It is getting to that point in the trip where we tend to forget why we come, what we are here for, and who we serve. However, God so graciously reminds us in the most beautiful ways. We were reminded through the love, compassion, and effort put forth by our Nicaraguan friends that we come here to serve them in any way that they need. While each of these situations has allowed us to grow immensely, we were able to take a break and reflect on everything that has happened this week. This morning we were able to visit the beautiful city of Granada and spend time in the Masaya Market. The time spent in these places allowed us to capture the beauty, integrity, and history in the country of Nicaragua.

Being outside of our comfort zones is well….uncomfortable. While in Nicaragua, we have been put in these situations through communication barriers, cultural differences, and economic shortages. But we know that the best learning, serving, and growing comes from embracing our uncomfortable feelings and letting God work through those. God has lovingly taught each of us how to love deeper, give freely, and obediently serve.  We were able to spend time with the Nicaraguans during a movie night tonight. We provided popcorn, candy, and drinks. The Nicaraguans were so thankful for something as easy as setting up a movie. We were reminded what it means to be truly gracious. We reflect on the day by asking ourselves how we are going to take what we learned and apply it to our lives when we get back to the states? Will we always remember this trip? Will this change the way we serve our community at home? Will this change the way we think? Will this change our hearts? The answer is yes. We will be changed by this trip, even in the smallest way. Our hearts are forever changed by the way the Nicaraguans live, serve, and love. Our memories of this trip will always remind us how and why we serve our community. This is love. This it truth. This is grace.

It’s been a good trip, friends. The Lord is so so good.

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