Jamaica – First Full Day

Greetings from Jamaica!

We made it to, and across, Jamaica safely! After we spent most of Saturday traveling, we spent that last few hours getting settled in, and then went to bed early. Today, Sunday, was spent getting to know our surroundings better, then going to church and visiting a nursing home in Highgate. Here’s what Sandy and Amanda had to say about their experiences today:

We all woke this morning to a beautiful, sunny day in Jamaica with breezes off the bay and mist over the mountains to the south of the mission house. We had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and delicious cinnamon rolls prepared by the loving hands of our cook, Pinto. It is also Father’s Day and being Sunday, we had the privilege of attending Clonmel Baptist Church for services.
The church service was what touched many of our hearts today. Being Father’s Day, the leaders and the congregation recognized and celebrated the Father’s in every way. They were all called to the front so that we could applaud them and lift them up to the Lord. Each Father was given a gift and the love of the guests and the people from this community.

The sermon was Luke 15:1-32 “The Parable of the Prodigal Son”. One of the Elder’s, Ricardo, whom I remember from last year, preached today and it was very moving. Ricardo’s voice is one that draws you in and captures your undivided attention. He is inspiring and you walk away feeling fed by the Word and with a feeling of such joy.

Following the service everyone was served cake and ice cream to continue the celebration of our Father’s here on this earth, as well as our Heavenly Father above. We took a picture of our group next to the Clonmel Baptist Church sign and thanked our host, Patrick, as we climbed into the van to head back to the mission house. God is so good.

In Christ, Sandy

What a blessing it is to be in such a beautiful place that God has created. We are stepping away from our responsibilities at home and transitioning to our time here in Jamaica. It is so nice to return back to the peaceful Mission Guest House to a homemade lunch made by Pinto. We had chicken salad sandwiches, chips, chocolate chip cookies
and the sweetest fresh mango ever tasted.

This afternoon the team went to see the town of Highgate for the first time. We went to visit the residents of the Highgate nursing home and staff. There were a few residents enjoying the beautiful afternoon on the front porch and other residents were spending time relaxing in their beds. Our team split up and ensured that each resident was visited. It was obvious that all of the residents were longing for attention and their faces glowed with smiles from our interaction and touch. The love that was shared through conversations, foot rubs, hand massages, hugs and songs impacted the residents, staff and each team member. The time spent at the nursing home flew by and it was time to go before we knew it. As we were leaving, some of the residents were crying and had to be consoled by staff. We know we truly made a difference in the lives of these residents today.

We returned to the Mission Guest House and spent time in fellowship over another wonderful meal prepared by Pinto. We are so thankful that God has provided safe flights and van travels for all of our team members who are now safely under one roof. We ended the evening with a team meeting with Mike who outlined our work for the week. We will be working at three sites: working with CSI to build a house for a single mother of two who is currently in trade school, working with RAISE to continue the started work on the produce storage facility, and facilitating a Vacation Bible School at the Clonmel Baptist Church. We are so excited to be the hands and feet of God serving the people of Jamaica!

In Christ, Amanda





4 responses to “Jamaica – First Full Day

  • Kaicey

    So glad to hear the trip is going well! Sounds like a great time. Tell everyone hi for me am hopefully I’ll be able to make it back someday!

  • Luanne

    Your service to the people of the Jamaican community is being prayed for!!! I am sure all of you are in some way growing in faith and in love for Him! Give Elizabeth a hug from her mom! I feel blessed to have seen her faith grow through her mission work and her friends at Trader’s Point!

  • Jamaica Team

    Thanks Kaicey! Will definitely pass that along!

  • Jamaica Team

    Thanks Luanne! Liz actually wrote for the blog tonight. We’re very thankful to have her on the team, and were excited that she came back this year.

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