Jamaica – Last Work Day

What a day! We changed things up a little today.

After breakfast, we started off in two different places: the majority of the team headed down to RAISE Jamaica to continue helping on their current infrastructure project, which is a produce storage building. They’re working on finishing the interior and exterior walls, which means putting coatings of mortar over top of the block walls to make them more pest/weather-resistant, and to look nicer too. Before starting work for the day, Patrick showed us around his farm where he discussed what he’s growing, why he’s growing it, and how what he’s doing fits into the bigger picture of RAISE and the surrounding community. That man’s passion for what he’s doing and who he’s doing it for is inspiring to say the least. Also, a few team members stayed behind at CSI to help sort through all the wonderful donations (750 pounds of donations!) the Team collected from friends and family, before we departed, and brought with us to Highgate. The clothes, shoes, school supplies, tools, and more are now organized and will be heading out to local churches and organizations to get them to folks very much in need of those supplies.

After lunch we all got cleaned up and headed down to Stacey Ann’s new house for the official dedication. We talked a lot, prayed a lot, sang a little, and helped get some things set up inside her new home. It’s amazing to see the culmination and impact of our time with Stacey and her family; and it’s awesome to think about this young single mother raising her children in their new home. I don’t feel as though I can adequately describe it, you can only see it. (And by “see it,” I mean, I highly encourage you to consider getting involved in a short-term mission trip!)

Our final event of the day was VBS over in Clonmel. The whole team got to go today, which was wonderful! It was the last day for VBS. We got to play soccer, and a couple of other games which may have been made up right there on the spot, prior to starting the evening’s program. We finished up our lesson about creation and got to do some fun activities. The evening came to a close when the kiddos sang us a few songs to show their appreciation for the VBS team.

Tonight we’re packing up so that we can make our way back towards MoBay tomorrow. We have to say goodbye to our Jamaican friends for now, and eagerly anticipate returning next year. This week has been life-changing for so many people. The Team has morphed into a little family.

Leaving Highgate, and Jamaica, is sad; but we’re looking forward to returning to our families at home and getting to share stories of our time here. Thank you for following our adventures in Jamaica!_MG_6299



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