Lost Buses and the Wedding Feast

July 12, Tuesday 
Did you know the eldest female elephant is the head of the herd? That’s just one of the facts we learned today while visiting the Elephant orphanage. We also learned that bus drivers sometimes get lost! 

Another busy day today! We began the day early at the Bondini School. This is the school TPCC is helping MOHI build through the 2011 Generous Giants initiative. They have 3 stories complete, with 4 more to go. We began our visit with chai (tea) and delicious breakfast treats (samosas). We are loving the Kenya food and hospitality.  

Then we had today’s lesson in conservation before loading the buses. Today we had the 6,7, and 8 graders. Cindy and Jon led off the lesson with introductions and reminding the children we are all part of Gods creation-including elephants! We divided the children into their different grade levels to read them a quick story about a baby elephant that was saved by the orphanage. Then the children loaded up the buses and we headed to the orphanage! Three little girls Faith, Faith, and Lucy rode in our bus. 

As our bus arrived to the orphanage, the other buses with the rest of the 150 children got lost and were late, but arrived with smiling faces.  Our team was concerned because this orphanage is only open for 60 minutes per day to the public. 

Then an amazing experience occurred.  As the kids walked into the viewing area, we placed them to the side as the program had started about 20 minutes earlier.  Moments later, the orphanage staff instructed the MOHI students to take the place of honor at the front of the viewing area.  Suddenly, students who live in shanties in a dirty slum were placed in front of wealthy Europeans, Americans and other distinguished guests. 

The kids were provided with information about the elephants and were excited to pet them. One of our younger team members (Seth Mark) was thoroughly embraced by an elephant’s trunk.  

After the kids encounter, we returned for home visits in Bondeni. Deb was thought to be the mother of her whole group ranging from teenagers to adults! Another group met a lady named Caroline, who suffers from epilepsy. We also met Veronica who does bead work for income while her husband looks for steady work. Another group meet a lady named Jenny who is a Christian and talked with Seth Mark about baptism. 

During team devotions this evening, our trip leader Seth shared Jesus’ parable in Luke 14 about the wedding feast. There, Jesus explained how we should not take the honored seat, but we should take the lower seat and be invited to the honored place.  Seth encouraged us that rather than focusing on the day’s struggles to get the kids to the orphanage on time, we got to witness a modern day illustration of this parable. 

We have another full day tomorrow of taking the 4th and 5th graders to the elephant orphanage. Stay tuned 🙂

Meg & Cheri

One response to “Lost Buses and the Wedding Feast

  • Tina Schaumberg

    Greetings to the entire team! So fun to follow your blog and see how God is using you and blessing you there in Kenya! Praying for all of you! Special “shout out” to Teresa! … Life group is praying for you!

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