What a difference Hope makes!

Day 2 – Monday July 11

To say the team was overwhelmed would be an understatement.  As we became acclimated to the Missions of Hope Schools and the Mathare Valley slums, our team came in with great joy. We arrived at the Pangani Center for orientation.  We were able to see the latest developments in the dental clinic, pharmacy, skills training programs, and the new physical disability program. Some specific prayer concerns that MOHI shared with us is to pray for a new expansion in the area of Bura which is primarily Muslim.  A training center for men is also in the plans and currently developing and in need of volunteers (short or long term) and prayers. 
We then went out to the slums and visited some homes, which seemed to be the biggest impression on the team. Despite the living conditions, we all had a general understanding of how similar we are to the people we met.  One group of team members were blessed to be invited spontaneously into the home of Slaman, a man they ran into in the street who was open and honest about his past and faith.  Later the same group was invited into a home by a gentleman named Peter that had been a member of the missions of hope community and Outreach Hope Church Bondeni. 

The difference that did standout was the Hope seemed to make an impression on Peter’s relationships as well as his home furnishings. The impact that the Missions of Hope organization has made on the community was clearly visible to the team as we walked through Mathare. 

As we walked back into the Pangani school, the happiness was evident on the children’s faces. Our team was then able to meet several of its sponsored children. What a blessing it was to the children and sponsors alike.  

Some of the team played football with a new soccer ball and several sponsored children. (Fortunately, our team was able to retrieve the soccer ball from over the school barb wire/wall after an epic kick.)

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