I Need A Hero

I need a hero.  Who doesn’t really?  The good news is that we have a hero in Jesus Christ. He is all the hero we will ever need. Today our team had the privilege of watching the light of our Hero shine through some of the people we met.

Fred – As we gathered for breakfast our team was joined by some unexpected, but very welcome guests, Jeff and Jane. They are the sponsored kiddos of Seth and Jennifer. Each was returning to the Joska Boarding School and joined us on the bus ride out. Even though It was only 8am, Jennifer asked for some ice cream for Jeff and Jane. Fred, the hotel manager, has been more than accommodating since we arrived here at Grace House. He works longer hours than he should and bends over backwards for our team, always smiling as he serves us. But ice cream at 8am for kids from the slums who won’t be guests at the hotel anytime soon?  Of course. Fred graciously brought out ice cream and made those kids feel like a king and queen.  And the Hero shines through.

Fred is in the background of the kids eating

Phillip – Phillip has been our driver this week. If you’ve ever driven in Nairobi traffic, you know this is no small task. If you haven’t, well, let’s just say we considered putting a Go Pro camera on Phillip to record the craziness that we know we can’t describe in words. Phillip drove our bus out to the Ndovoini and Joska Boarding Schools. He expertly navigated not only the traffic, but the single lane dirt roads with craters/canyons in the “road” and random cattle crossings. All of this with twin five year olds in tow. While our team toured the boys’ and girls’ schools, our teammate Jon noticed that Phillip disappeared. Jon asked Phillip where he went while we spent time with the kids. Phillip was visiting classrooms, talking to individual kids, encouraging them in their studies. And the Hero shines through.

Philip asked Seth for an IU hat because he loves our teams from Indiana

Moses – The Ndovoini boarding school for boys is an incredible place. Out in the middle of nowhere the school is home to a couple hundred middle and high school boys, many of whom come from the slums where they learned street smarts before book smarts, fight before flight. Moses cares for those boys day in and day out, even when they aren’t the most lovable. Moses expertly encourages the boys to develop and demonstrate their individual talents and gathered our team to “watch a movie.”  A group of boys put on an incredible acrobatics show that would rival anything you would see on a stage in the US, but these boys did it barefoot on dry, rocky ground. Moses encouraged them, but lovingly chided them when the stunts got a little too big for his comfort.  It would be easy for Moses to walk away from these kids, to give up when they don’t immediately turn from their street ways, but he doesn’t. He stays. And the Hero shines through.


Our team is continuously amazed at the people we meet here. We are blessed to be able to witness our Hero shining in what is otherwise a very dark place.  It reminds us that our Hero Jesus gives generously, he protects and  provides for us, and he stays with us even when we are not very lovable.

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