Sharing Faith on Campus


Day three began at the University of Cape Town where we worked with Jerrah Jackson and Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC).  Jerrah spent time demonstrating and explaining the materials CCC uses to evangelize. He shared that there are many world views represented on this campus, however, students are very open to sharing about their beliefs and hearing ours.  Once we got to campus, we broke up into groups of two and did a prayer walk for the students, leaders, and the atmosphere of the campus. After we finished praying, we started conversations with students where we asked them questions about their views of Christianity.  We then explained about God’s love for them and His plan to bridge the gap created by our sin, as well as, the need to make an individual choice to accept His grace.  This was the most challenging part of the day for the team and took a lot of strength from the Lord for us to intentionally talk to strangers about Jesus. We took a lunch break and then joined the CCC life group with Jerrah and the students who are a part of the group. MK, a student leader, delivered a message on Matthew 28:18-20, which certainly encouraged our team and the students who were present for the life group. After the message, we broke into groups and prayed for each student at the meeting and for the students on the campus. It was incredibly inspiring and energizing for each team member to meet bold, young Christians from halfway across the world who are passionate about sharing the gospel with their peers.

After a supper, we finished our day at the waterfront mall and continued to bond as a team and just have fun.  We determined that we grow in our faith when we get to the end of our comfort zone and abilities and have to fully rely on God to work through us.



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