Mfuleni & Pastor Jacob’s Call


Ina and Paul (our bus driver & tour guide) picked up our team for our last day of directed ministry in South Africa.  We hopped into the Toyota van for another adventure.   As we pulled away from our guest house, Ina prepared our team with what we would be doing this morning.  We were heading to Mfuleni, another township on the outskirts of Cape Town, to assist one of the local pastors and to partner with  his congregation.  We would be doing door-to-door outreach and sharing the gospel with those in the neighborhood surrounding the church.

We pulled into the township and parked in front of the church.  We were greeted by Pastor Jacob, a native of the Congo who God called to pastor the church in Mfuleni.  He told us about his path to ministry in this community, how he resisted God for years pursuing education and other work opportunities.  It wasn’t until he settled here that he felt peace in God.  Jacob told us more about the community we would be witnessing to.   Many of the  people in the township live in fear of evil spirits and practice ancestor worship.  He emphasized the importance for us to come to them with the message of Jesus and His victory over all evil.  There was a heaviness to Mufleni that is hard to describe.

After praying for the community, we split into smaller groups and began walking through the township with embers of congregation.  Along the way, we would stop to play with children, distribute snacks, pray with people, and even go into the homes of those who wanted to hear more. There was, however,  a heaviness to Mufleni that is hard to describe and we prayed that Jesus would remove that darkness and shine his light though this township so that more people could come to know Him.



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