Planting Seeds

On Day 4 in Capetown, we had another opportunity to share the Good News with students at the University of Capetown.  We hit the ground running in our groups of two as we shared that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives, that sin has created a separation or gap that keeps us from knowing and experiencing His love and plan for our lives, that Jesus was God’s provision for bridging that gap when He died for our sins, and that He invites all to who believe that Jesus is their Lord to experience a new birth as they receive him through faith.  Many students were eager to listen and talk about their perceptions of Christianity and how they are trying to figure out what they believe for themselves, rather than just accepting what they grew up with.  We all felt like today was a lot easier than the first day and we had the opportunity to go out with CCC staff or a CRU student leader to observe how they share with students.  As a group, we spoke to 31 different students today.  A few students were already believers but were not connected to a student group or church, so we invited them to the CCC Life Group which meets on a weekly basis study, prayer, and discipleship.  Some had other beliefs, however, were interested in understanding more about the Christian faith.  Still others, actively engaged in asking questions as they were in search of something to fill emptiness and give them peace.  Even though no one verbally said they were ready to accept Jesus as their Lord on this day, we have no doubts that seeds were planted.  We rest in knowing that He is able to use our small offering to do great things in these students’ lives.

Later in the afternoon, the team had the opportunity to go up to Table Mountain National Park, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.  The views from the top were astonishing and we were reminded of just how big our Creator really is.








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