Day Three – Mexican Sunsets

fb_img_1479909157278Tuesday the 22nd marked day three for us, and it certainly came to a close much quicker than we all had anticipated! During debrief last night, our guide here gave us a phrase that has mountains of truth to it, “Here in Monterrey, the days seem like a thousand hours but the weeks feel like a thousand seconds.” and though some days full of play and fun seem to drag on and on, it’s difficult to think about the fact that the week is almost halfway over already.

The morning brought us to a session of trauma training, a very informative training meeting in which we learned so much about these amazing kids we are working with here. We all learned so much through that, and there is no doubt that it helped us in our interactions with the kids. I believe it is heavily worth noting that Back2Back has made this entire trip so easy and un-complicated, taking the burden of stress to an all new low. One of our guys here pointed out that Back2Back is so organized and so schedule-oriented that we feel as though they are taking care of us.

Our day at the Douglas Children’s Home was complete with work, work, some food, then more work, and then some play in the afternoon. We had groups all over the home working on different projects, each as important as the other. We had a group deep-cleaning a kitchen that would put Gordon Ramsey in a coma, a group cleaning the “papala” to no avail seeing as the children undid their work in a matter of moments, a group was painting columns on a church on a hill and when they had finished they descended looking like warriors from Braveheart, as well as a group that got to live the fantasy of breaking through walls with sledgehammers, and a group that painted over a lovely wall of lime-green and yellow. Everyone worked so hard and put their effort forth into everything they did, which made for a very quick work day.

In the evening we played with the kids, slid down the slide, ate a hot-dog dinner, and watched a sunset so gorgeous that it nearly rivals an Indiana sunset. It was such a wonderful day with these amazing kids and we are filled with sorrow that Wednesday is our last day with these kids, but the memories that we made here will remain, and we will therefore always be with them.

Again, your continued prayers are always appreciated, and we wish we could send a million more “thank you’s” back home to everyone that supported us. For now, a simple “Thank you!” is all we can give as well as the promise that we are going to continue to work with and play with these kids until we can’t move anymore. Much love from Monterrey Mexico, and God bless!

Photo credits to our amazing photographer Chris Howe

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