Haiti 2017 / Day 1




Tak Out Chicken



All little girls like to dress up


Gifts for Pastor Payot




As Tinal (affectionately known as Toe nail) arrives at the airport, our large number, means that three is us must forego the annual ‘back of the pick up truck’ ride and ride with Pastor Payot. Little did the three of us know of an important errand Pastor Payot needed to make, we were getting take out chicken – Haitian style! As six live chickens are placed into the back of Pastor Payot’s vehicle, Becky reminds us not to name them, as they will soon be tomorrow’s lunch.

Once we arrived and everyone unpacked, Martie had a wonderful surprise for the girls at the orphanage – beautiful white, eyelet sun dresses. Upon receiving a dress, the girls quickly ran to get their church shoes and pose for the camera. It’s true, little girls of all cultures love to play dress up….

That night, Martie presented Pastor Payot with a few special gifts. Along with a few books from Martie’s favorite author Howard Thurman (Jesus and the Disinherited) a beautiful blue cross will soon hang in the dining area of the mission house.

What a wonderful first day, full of presents, surprises and most of all – God’s Love.

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