Haiti 2017 / Day 2


Yesterday’s Take Out


Following Julie’s Orders


Cartwheels in Caracol


Preparing to wash feet

After a powerful sermon in Creole by Pastor Jack (don’t know what he said but he sure was passionate), we hosted a delicious lunch of rice and beans, AND CHICKEN! Yes, yesterday’s take out was today’s lunch. (Note photos from Day 1)

After lunch, we became quite busy. We spent several hours sorting and organizing medicines and vitamins to be given to patients throughout the week. As Julie served as head pharmacist for the week, she issued orders, (er, tasks), which we followed to the letter.

Later, some of the group took a walk through town to the ocean. Like pied pipers, the children followed, especially clinging to Morgan. While collecting seashells, the group was thoroughly entertained by the children’s cartwheels on the beach.

Martie continues to amaze us. During our evening devotion, to remind us of our purpose this week – serving others, Martie had us wash each other’s’ feet. While doing so, we each prayed silently, asking the Lord for his guidance as we serve the community of Caracol this week. This was a marvelous end to a very busy day.

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