Haiti 2017 / Day 3


Nathan and Morgan tend to a patient


Patients waiting in pharmacy


Martie ensures no one leaves without prayer


Dr. Stan, Watson, Junior, Gerald, and Luma enjoy a cool drink after clinic duty

Monday, we are all excited to begin the first day of clinic. Our teams are ready, Dr. Doug assisted by Nurse Morgan and Athletic Trainer Nathan, Dr. Stan assisted by Nurse Erica, and local physician Dr. Jeau Claude. Julie, Gary and Becky are manning the pharmacy, while Penny is keeping order among the patients. Our prayer warriors, Martie and Denise are keeping a keen eye on all exiting patients, ensuring no one leaves without prayer. And finally Gerald, our behind the scenes support. Gerald ensures everything we need is ready and functioning, the watchful eye, monitoring all stations so we can concentrate on our separate tasks. Returning to assist us with translation are Luma, Kenson, Watson, and Junior, along with newcomers Alienne and Elmise.

Along with patients from Caracol, we began the monumental task of also examining the students who attend school at Caracol Mission.

After seeing 154 patients, our first day of clinic ends and we wind down with a walk through town sipping on ice cold sodas, a refreshing end to a busy day. We laugh and tease noting that Morgan, Erica and Nathan quickly learned the Haitian words for cough, fever, infection, headache and other maladies. They have quickly proven they are more than worth their weight in gold and truly have a gift for serving.

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