Haiti 2017 / Day 4


Kenson translates as Erica and Dr. Doug examine a patient


Beckie and Julie working hard in the pharmacy


Morgan, the pied piper


It’s not as easy as it looks!



Gerald checking out the bean field

We depart early this morning for Roche Plate. We are prayed up as we know with travel to and from, our clinics at Roche Plate are very long days. Tinal, in true fashion navigates both paved and unpaved roads, potholes, water and ruts with expertise.

In one day, we see local patients as well as students from all grades at the school for a total of 171 patients. But no trip to Roche Plate is complete without a walk to check out the bean fields and Faunet’s chicken farm. Faunet, the school principal, farms the bean fields and takes care of the chickens which help feed the school children. He is now also an assistant pastor and somewhere in there found time to get married. Congratulations to Faunet and his new wife. Penny and Becky manage to make it down a steep embankment and cross the river on slippery stones without mishap, which we were very thankful. Others in our group make it look easier than it is.

Part of the group participates in a benevolence walk. The group comes upon a bed ridden man with terminal cancer who is not a believer. Dr. Doug administers pain medication, while the group prays over this man. Our fervent prayer continues that in the short time he has left; this man does come to accept Christ as his personal Savior.
Later in the evening just before Erica and Nathan begin devotion, Erica notices the clouds are overshadowing the stars. Within minutes the clouds part, allowing us to not only see stars and constellations, but Venus and Mars as well. A gentle reminder that God is always with us and listening to even our smallest prayer.

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