Haiti 2017 / Day 5

We are ready to begin our second day of clinic in Caracol. The school children and patients keep us busy for most of the day.

After seeing 155 patients today, we conduct another benevolence walk. At the first house, Martie’s prayer touches everyone. With shouts of “Hallelujah” and hands in the air, we all feel the power of the Holy Spirit in Martie. As we continue to walk through the village, Gary picked up a few friends along the way. It appears that Morgan is not the only pied piper in the group.

Julie is non stop today. She’s in charge of the pharmacy, it’s her day for devotion and her day for meals. In addition to preparing baked French toast for breakfast, Julie made dessert for dinner. The delicious aroma coming from the crock pot had our mouths watering all day. Who knew you could make a cherry dump cake in a crock pot!

With the many songs Julie has pre loaded onto her phone, we offer up much praise to our Lord before we settle into our devotion. As it is Wednesday night, the praise continues long into the night with the late night church service. Though in Creole, the voices are beautiful and the praise unmistakable.


A long day in pharmacy for Gary


Denise enjoying the benevolence walk


Gary picked up a few friends along the way

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