Haiti 2017 / Day 6

Today is our final day of clinic. Erica, Nathan and Morgan really step up as Dr. Doug and Beckie accompany Leonne (wife of Pastor Ernest) to Milo for a physical at the hospital. Dr. Stan supervises, but it is evident the three are really on top of their game. As we see the last of another 155 patients, it is now time to pack up the supplies until next year.

It has been a long week with a total of 635 patients seen. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve, knowing there is still much work to be done here. There are still many in Caracol who do not know Christ, many others who practice voodoo, and now with the addition of a mosque in Caracol, our prayers and presence are needed more than ever. We will continue to pray for Haiti and we thank God for the opportunity to witness to those in Caracol and Roche Plate.

We spend the remainder of the evening packing and organizing the remaining medical supplies.

Dinner brings forth another surprising dessert. Once again, who knew chocolate brownie cake could be made in a crock pot?

We complete our evening devotion and head to bed, looking forward to our exciting rest day tomorrow.

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