Haiti 2017 / Day 7


Translator Kensom chillin’ at the beach


Nathan’s turn to be the patient


Who’s’ gonna dive for it?


Martie rocking out the church


Hugs and goodbyes


Beckie and Leonne

Rest Day – yay! We all worked very hard this week. We are eagerly looking forward to our day at the Comier Plage Resort and beach. We invited our young translators to join us, as they, too, worked very hard. Although they live in Haiti, they have not had the opportunity to visit the resort. We watched with joy as they swam in the ocean and sipped on fruity drinks like tourists.

At one point, Nathan stepped on a sea urchin. Our young translators quickly sprang into action, pushing Dr. Doug aside, as they meticulously pulled each barb from Nathan’s foot. They did such a superb job; Nathan was able to join the beach volleyball game. As he is an athletic trainer and athlete himself, he clearly dominated. Perhaps our young friends did too good of a job????
Lunch and a day at the market complete our outing. We are exhausted but very content with the day’s adventures and the beautifully carved, wooden bowls we scored.

After dinner, we attend one last church service. Many prayers were offered for our safe return home along with hugs and goodbyes. As Martie is again filled with the Holy Spirit, she takes the microphone right out of the hands of Pastor Payot. In true diva fashion, emboldened by the Holy Spirit, Martie leads the church in a rousing rendition of ‘He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands’.

That night we thank God for a beautiful day enjoying the ocean and beach, and especially the love of our Haitian family and friends.

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