Haiti 2017 / Day 8


Our young translators: Alienne, Luma, Watson and Elmise

imageimageimageWe awake early, eager to go home. On this final day, as throughout the week, Gerald has coffee ready for us. During devotion, we reflect on the past week, marveling at how well our team gelled. We had not one single moment of strife. Each member filled whatever gap was needed. Our hearts were truly filled with the gift of serving, not just for Haiti, but for each other as well. Gerald not only had coffee for us each morning, but also enough water for showers each night. During down time, Beckie and Denise could be found sweeping floors and wiping down the table. Creativity sparked in the kitchen with many breakfast casseroles. No basic oatmeal here, we had baked oatmeal, egg casseroles and much more. Along with our crock pot desserts, Erica and Nathan concocted chocolate pudding cups complete with graham crackers and marshmallows. Sangela’s (Pastor Payot’s wife) delicious dinners were accompanied by Julie’s coleslaw topped with Ramen noodles and chopped almonds. (And here I thought Ramen was a food group for college students.)

But now, the morning is becoming bittersweet. We hug and say our goodbyes. Pastor Payot reminds us, “it is good to visit, but also it is good to go home”.

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