Day 1 – Young Adult Nicaragua Team

Our arrival to Managua was quick and we couldn’t believe that we had started the day in one country and ended it in another. We were excited and eager to work, so we accomplished much in the first afternoon and evening.  We made up gift bags for our college student retreat, purchased food and put food bags together to take for outreach visits into the community surrounding the church, purchased lunch supplies for the team, & sorted supplies .  After our orientation and this flurry of activity, we were blessed with a delicious meal made by the wonderful cooks at LaQuinta Primavera where we stay.  Our evening ended with songs of worship and a devotion where we discussed what it means to “put on Christ” by opening our hearts to His Word and reflecting Him through our actions.   God is so good and we are eager to see the work He brings us in the coming days.


3 responses to “Day 1 – Young Adult Nicaragua Team

  • Debra G Barr

    Appreciate the update, we are praying for your entire group and each one you are in contact with.

  • Cheryl Felton

    Praying each of you will come to know and desire God’s will for your lives and that others will come to know God because of your desire to serve Him.
    Many blessings and prayers!

  • Stacey

    Praying for all of you this week! Wishing I was able to be there this year ❤️️ Loved hearing stories from the trip this far.

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