Day 2 – (Part 1)

Our day started with worship and a challenge to consider what it means to walk with God. Throughout our team prep, we have talked about how we should not think of this week as a mission trip, but rather the beginning or deepening of a life on mission.  Trips come to an end, but our walk with God needs to be a daily, intentional walk alongside Him. We looked Micah 6:8 and what led up to the verse:

He has told you, O man, what is good;
    and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,[b]
    and to walk humbly with your God?

Our team broke into 2 groups for the morning – 1 part did community outreach along with Pastor Wilber & his wife, Maritza in the community of Ciudad Sandino.  6 members, made up of people in the medical field or college students in the medical field went to help Dr. Karla at the school in Los Brasiles.  In the afternoon, we  played and did active worship songs with 40 children from the church and community at the church in Ciudad Sandino.

Jake Felton summarized his experience of delivering bags of food as a way to do community outreach well…..

“Today, our team was able to witness the direct impact of God’s work.  We delivered bags of food to very needy unchurched in the community and brand new attenders of the local church.  Each time, we began by letting them know the gifts were from God and by asking how we could pray for them.  We used this as a time to invite them to the next church service and the kids’ event we were doing in the afternoon.  It has been quite the juxtaposition traveling from Indianapolis to Ciudad Sandino and seeing people living in extreme poverty. Despite this, the people we spoke with in their homes and at the church seemed to very grateful for what little they do had.  Needless to say, our efforts to bring them food, given by God, was met with tears of joy and humility.  These people truly have an understanding of how simply the pursuit of happiness can be achieved.  Happiness is found in God, of course, but happiness is not a destination.  Their happiness is found in their struggle to pursue their faith in the Lord and to see Him provide.  It is truly a blessing to be a part of God’s plan.”

During lunch, the team asked Pastor Wilber and his wife to share how they came to faith in Jesus and how God has worked to bring the church to Ciudad Sandino.  Their sharing was a true testimony to God’s great faithfulness to answer prayers and direct them through good and hard times. They shared how important it was for our team to come because, as pastor and wife, they are very busy looking out for the needs of others and their family.  It is refreshing for them to have others who come to encourage them.  The team prayed for them and praised God for all He is doing in and through this church.

After lunch, 4o children came for a special play day with games, soccer, art, bracelet making, balloon volleyball, bubbles, and a kids’ worship songs in Spanish, led by our own, Gabe Schaffer.  Ask him to sing, do actions, and play the guitar to “Father Abraham” .


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