Day 2 – (Part 2)

This morning, our 6 team medical group went to the medical clinic in Los Brasiles to assist Dr. Karla in whatever capacity she needed.  Dr. Karla is only in Los Brasiles once a week to offer free medical care for the community, so she had a long line of children and adults anxious to visit with her.  Integrated with the medical clinic was Agape, the school in Los Brasiles that provided special education services.  We were given a tour of the facilities and introduced to the staff.  We assisted Dr. Karla in providing routine medical treatments to elementary students at the school down the street.  The students were so joyful and well behaved.  We had a blast with them!  We were able to spend more time at the medical clinic and with the children with special needs.  Dr. Karla is a delight to work with!  She is very knowledgeable, joyful and has a huge heart.  She feels called so strongly by God to be here.  We had a productive morning at the clinic before meeting back up with the rest of our team at the church.

-Hannah Lee-

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