Day 3 – The Embodiment of God’s Faithfulness & Love

Today was a great day.   We started the morning with a devotional continuing the theme of justice.  We have been looking at how our view of justice compares to God’s version of justice and how we to see it as He does.  We were looking at Zech. 7:1-10 and discussed how “ritual without obedience and justice fueled by mercy is empty” and how mercy is what forms the relationships that allow us to bring justice.  An important note is how the justice we are speaking about for the vulnerable is not all purely “fixing” and “making things right” but instead coming alongside people, encouraging them and building a relationships with them.  This really showed up at the parks where we took the kids who are sponsored by team members or other TPCC people.  The kids were so joyful, appreciative, witty, and like any other kids you would meet.  They were eager to know and build relationships with their sponsors or people from their sponsor’s church.

In the evening, we went to church and that was such an incredible experience. Something that was talked about in the team prep meetings,  was “God is their life” and that was so apparent.  When they have very little – they still have God and that light shined so bright in them.  Their band and our 4 musicians leds worship, some of the kids from the church sang solos as their expression of worship, Madison and Jeannie helped with offering and prayer, and Zach Graham read the Word and preached.  Lynette shared a praise for the high schoolers and young adults that are rising up to lead worship for this church and bring their friends and neighbors to know Jesus.  When we started coming to this church, many were just children running around.  We are thankful for God’s work within this church and the people He is bringing to His kingdom through the faithful people there.

After returning from church, we sat around and discussed the next day’s events and laughed while telling stories from experiences we have had thus far. The group dynamic of this team is so great. Today we learned and experienced many things. Some of those include; the value of spending valuable and genuine time with the needy to provide for them spiritually and emotionally, that God shines through any and all circumstances, that heavy rain on tin roofs is louder than the falling mangos, and that it is more clear than ever that God’s hand is on this team and we are so thrilled to be partnering with Him in Nicaragua.

-Emily Hainer_

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